Our educational programs are divided according to techniques, methods and levelf of expertise. There are different training programs for beginners, for those who have received basic education but want to specialize in their field.

PMU (Permanent Makeup)

  • Micropigmentation(With Device)
  • Bristle Technique
  • Basic Courses

Training duration: 3 days (2 theory + 1 practice)


  • Training duration 2 days (2 days of practice)
  • Microblading(No Device)
  • Bristle Technique
  • Basic Course


  • Training duration 2 days (2 days of practice)

Classical PMU Techniques

Training duration 2 days (1 theory + 1 practice)

  • Block/fill brow contour
  • Shading
  • Powdering
  • Ombre

Lip Coloring/Eyeliner

Training duration 3 days (2 days theory +1 practice)

  • Powdering/Lip
  • Block system/Lip
  • Classic eyeliner
  • Powder eyeliner

Microblading Technique Training Contents (Microblading-Micropigmentation)

Basic Class – For Beginners

It is a training program that includes basic education, theory and application techniques.

Educational Content

Hygiene rules, application stages, pre-application preparation, post-application care, analysis of skin structures, color selection, finding the golden ratio, brow shapes and design techniques, symmetry, hair drawing techniques, pigmentation interactions, etc.

The training period is 3 days. (2 days of theoretical training and one day of practical training.)

MASTER CLASS – For Experts

It is a training program that includes advanced theory and application techniques for the ones who have completed the first level education and want to step up their level of expertise.

Educational Content:

Topics such as;

  • Advanced hair shooting techniques,
  • Microblading technique powdering,
  • Application of two techniques combined
  • Maximum symmetry solutions,
  • Solutions for problematic skin types,
  • Correction of wrong brow applications,
  • Mistakes made in applications and solution suggestions are included.

The training period is 2 days, and training is mainly designed on the areas where the expert needs to improve as technique and knowledge.

Classic Micropigmentation (Full Contouring, Shading, Powdering, Ombre Techniques)

1.Classic Micropigmentation – Basic Class

It includes Shadowing, Powdering, Full Contour, Ombre applications. The training period is 2 days in total. (1 Day Theory + 1 Day Practice)

It contains; The basic topics and application techniques specified in the basic class are included.

2.Master Class Micropigmentation – For Experts

It is suitable for people who are already experts in this subject. The training period is 2 days.

The content is focused on:
Brow removal techniques, camouflage techniques for old wrong practices, skin problems, wound closure, bleaching, wrong laser applications, tattoo ink closure etc.