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Microblading Eyebrows


Microblading Eyebrows

What is the difference between Microblading and Micropigmentation?

In Microblading we use tiny blade-looking needles and we create thin scratches on the skin by hand. In Micropigmentation we use Professional devices to point shoot with needles. Both methods are hardly recognizable from each other by eye as results but they are applied by different ways of application. The permanence of the treatment depends on the skin type and choosing the right technique. The most important part is to analyze the skin type and to choose the right method. The expert must be able to practise both methods and choose the right one for the skin’s needs.

What Are The Other Tecniques?

Block – Filling Technique

The old contouring method was very popular at the time and it’s still being preffered in these days by many. It gives the full look and it’s the oldest technique in this field.

Shadowing Technique

Shadowing is very similar to powdering. But the shadowing needles are different and it’s easier for application by hand. Flat needles give a fuller and evident look, and different from the block contouring – it looks lighter and more natural.

Powdering Technique

Powdering is preffered by many besides the microblading, regarding to it’s natural look. Powdering is the ideal form for the ones who use brow liner or powder and love to have a blurry but full look. Powdering can bu combined with microblading. It can bu used in the areas lacking brows to have a more intense look by still keeping the natural notch.

Ombre Technique

It’s the same technique as the powdering. Ombre Technique gives the fade out effect and it’s gradient as in the Professional make up. It also has a natural pigmentation.

Microblading (3D brow)

Contrary to the permanent tattoos made in the past, the technique is a three-dimensional drawing made using semi-permanent paints on the skin, indistinguishable from natural hair. It is possible to have fuller and symmetrical eyebrows with the image obtained thanks to the 3D brows drawn one by one and carefully in accordance with the natural direction of your eyebrows.

What is Microblading?

Eyebrows are the most important part of the face for a woman who cares about her appearance. The amateur treatments may bring along the bad looks. Constant using of the brow liners, powders, fixators may weaken the natural brows. For more intense looks Microblading comes first. The weak eyebrows turn into the desired look just in 1 hour.
Microblading gives the 3D effect to the brows with plant based and organic colorings. It’s mostly known as brow contouring and it’s a very developed technique. It’s provided by the application of the color on the brows with disposal-sterilized needles. It’s suitable for everyone.

Microblading Brow Application

Shaping is the first step of Microblading. The client decides the form and they check for compatibility with the expert. Not every shape is suitable for every face type, so we create a version specifically designed for the face. We draw a sketch. The most important part is trusting to your expert. The expert plays a great role for choosing the right shape. Shape of the eyebrows plays a great importance in the face impression. That’s why you should consider your expert’s advise. After the sketch is being approved by the client, the application starts. It takes 1-1,5 hours to be completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long the Microbladed Brows last?
Permanent make up colors are used approx. up to 9-12 months. This period depends on the skin type and the depth of the application. There is a retouch session a month after the application. For a longer use, mid retouch is highly recommended. This treatment fades away with time so on 5th-6th month there should be a retouch session to extend the use.
How can I trust the Microblading Expert?
The trust is the most important part when it comes to beauty treatments. Selecting the right place to receive the service must be a high priority. The reviews and the educational sertificates should be considered about their work. It’s highly expected to have a bad experience with an expert which is not giving you trust.
What is the after treatment care?
One of the most important details of the after care is having regular maintenance. For the best results, the maintenance should be practiced properly on regular basis. You shpuld follow your experts tips and advise for the after tteatment care. Do’s & Don’ts You should avoid; - Fake tanning. - Sauna, steam room or swimming. - Scratching on the treated area. - Chemical treatments on the treated area. - Sunbathing or being at the direct lights of the Sun for the first 15 days. - Water touch. - Picking up the skin if it gets crusty. And it helps to the process if you; - Moisturize the area according to your expert’s advise.
Why the color changes in microblading and permanent make up?
It’s unpredictable to be seen before the application. Every skin reacts differently to the color’s opening phase. The color’s product quality is so important to prevent this . As higher the quality of the product gets, the greater is the result.
What is the price of the Microblading?
Microblading prices are highly asked. There are different factors that affect the price line. The products’s quality, the hand workmanship affect directly the price. 1000-1500 TL is the approx. price. The amount may get lower and higher than this but you should be aware of the lower price, because it’s a sign of usage of the low quality products and low quality of the hand work. The choice of the lower price may cause unrecoverable mistakes and harmful effects on your face.
Is microblading harmful?
The use of quality products and the right choice of a well-trained expert will prevent any risks. The treatments based on your natural brow type always give better results. It’s harmless and very practical. It also saves you from the harm of a daily use of brow liners, powders, fixators and the removal lotions.
Who is suitable for this?
Microblading/micropigmentation application is a very common beauty treatment. It’s perfect for the ones who want to correct the look of lacking eyebrows, to hide scars, to make brighter colors of brows more visible or to create a different shape of brows or tired of applying brow liners, powders, fixators everyday. It works even if you don’t have any natural brows. It’s not permanent and this gives an advantage for the ones who experience it for the first time. The important part of this application is to keep the natural look and follow the natural lead of the brows. The best part is having the full look all the time, at the beach or the pool, right after you’re out of shower or when you’re not wearing make-up. The time it saves from applying make up is a bonus.

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