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Gel Polish


Gel Polish

Nail polishes have a very important place in personal care for women. For those who constantly want their hands to look beautiful, nail polishes are the most frequently used beauty product. Nail polishes maintain the first applied look on the nail for a very short period of time. Afterwards, it becomes mandatory to remove them from the nail due to cracking, coming off and yellowing of the nail when not removed. While dealing with busy work schedules, household duties and many other time-consuming tasks, it becomes a hassle to apply and remove the nail polish. Longlasting gel polish saves the time you spend on applying nail polish. Gel polish is among the most popular trends of recent years, as it’s defined as the application that allows the use of the selected color on the nail for a long time and maintain a long-term bright, well-groomed look. Gel polish has also managed to become the first choice of many women. It is an application that makes a difference with its comfort available during the application phase and its features that provide satisfaction in all the details seen after the application.

What Is Gel Polish?

Gel polish, which is defined as one of the most popular beauty applications of recent times, gives you a comfort for 3 weeks after the application. The application has main steps. First of all, the nails are getting filed and the desired shape is given (blunt, ballerina, almond, etc.). Then, the application gets started. Nails must be degreased before applying the gel polish. We can continue the process by dulling the nail with the special solutions created for this. The second step is the base application and with the base application, we eliminate any defects on the nail surface, color unevenness and similar problems. This way we manage to obtain a smooth surface for application. As the third step, the color is applied to the smooth surface we have obtained. Since the structure of gel polish is different from the structure of regular nail polish, it must be applied by a specialist, otherwise it may not be possible to achieve a beautiful appearance. After color selection and application, top coat is applied, which is the most important factor that provides brightness and protection. While doing this, we pay great attention to ensure that the gel polish is completely covered. Now the nails are ready for a shiny and well-groomed look for three weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long the gel polish lasts?
The regular nail polish needs to be changed on dailiy basis but this application stays on for 3 weeks and more. If you get maintenance sessions, you can keep the same look up to 1 month and more.
What are advantages of gel polish?
The regular nail polish needs to be changed on dailiy basis but this application stays on for 3 weeks. Gel polish stays on without any problems bu the nail keeps growing and the gap between the nails and the gel polish becomes visible with time. It needs to be reapplied. It’s: Longlasting Eliminates any kinds of unevennes and imperfect look of the natural nails. Time saver Looking the same good for a long time. Money saver Prevents nail cracking.
How is it applied?
The manicure before the start will give a perfect result. We get nails ready before application with special products. It never touches the skin and is applied very carefully. The base coat, color and top coat are applied in order. Drying session is processed by the UV lamp. And the result is ready to shine.
How can you make gel polish more durable?
The gel polish is naturally durable. But you can prolong it’s life by avoiding constant touch with cleaning products, crushing the nail sor filing.
Is it removable with acetone?
It can not be removed with acetone or any nail polish removers. It needs to be removed by an expert in a saloon with essential equipments. It can be peeled of after applying the special solution for 10-15 mins. It doesn’t harm the nail.
Which color or nail art should be chosen?
It depends on your taste and expectation. We have a great choice of every season’s trends.
Does it cause harm on the nails?
The proper application never leaves a harm on the nails. The removal process must be gentle without harming the nail. You should avoid the application if you have nail fungus, psoriasis or empty nails. For healthy nails it gives perfect results and no harm is caused.

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