After becoming widespread in Europe, interest in various nail care applications such as gel nails extension, nail art and gel polish has increased in Turkey. This has led to the rapid development of the beauty industry in Turkey and its division into various branches. And it offers a job opportunity for those who want to work in this sector.

Nowadays, the rapidly growing hand and foot care and beauty centers have become a sector that provides very good job opportunities for those who want to get a profession after an easy education. With the gel nail extension, you can have healthier and well-groomed hands, which can be used for 3-4 weeks without the need for extra care and you can spare more time for yourself.

Gel Nail Extension, which is growing rapidly as a sector these days, now provides very good job opportunities to those who are interested in this field and get an education.

As Tırnak Butik, after the services we’ve been providing to you for very long time, our current aim is to offer you a quality educational program enriched with the best opportunities.

Educational subject and topics

According to the material;

  • Gel nail extension
  • Acrylic nail extension

According to the technique;

  • Gel nail extension with the Tip Method
  • Gel nail extension with the Template Method

Education Types

Gel nail extension with Tip Method

The education’s time period is 4 days.

Educational Content

Hygiene, importance of hygiene, Nail Anatomy, Nail Diseases, Nail Shaping, Recognizing and using materials and equipment correctly, gel nail applications with the help of Tip, shaping gel or acrylic material, correct nail file techniques, symmetry, french drawing techniques,gel polish application techniques.

After the technical training, all training takes place with the application on the models.

Gel Nail Extension with Template

In order to receive the template training, you must first complete the education for Tip method.

In gel nail extension applications with a template, the gel nail extension material is completely shaped with the help of a paper and handwork, without adding any additional material to the natural nail.

For this, in addition to the beginner level trainings, it is necessary to do intensive work on the shaping techniques on paper for a certain period of time.

Educational Content

Recognizing materials, using them with the template, techniques for using the template, correct template patterns, adapting and shaping them according to nail anatomy and correct filing techniques.

Conditions of Participation in Gel Nail Extension Training

You do not need to be a university graduate to get Gel Nail Extension Training. Private or public primary school graduation degree will be sufficient.

In other words, anyone who can read and write can receive this training. In addition, anyone who wants to learn how to make gel nails can participate.

Work Area

After receiving Gel Nail Extension Training, your job opportunities expand. You can open your own business or work elsewhere. Beauty centers, hairdressers and aesthetic centers are some of the places that offer working opportunities.

Required Documents to Get Prosthetic Nail Training

There are very few documents required for Gel Nail Extension Training. A copy of your identity card and a picture will be sufficient for you to attend. Whichever training you decide to take, you have to apply for it.

Certificates After Gel Nail Extension Training

After Gel Nail Extension Training both private and MEB approved certificates are given.

With the MEB approved document, you can open your own business, make the necessary license applications and work in accordance with the regulations in the institution you want. Your private TIRNAK BUTİK participation certificate will be your reference in the sector. Our trainees who successfully complete the course will be entitled to receive their official certificate by taking the exam organized by the Ministry of National Education in cooperation with AKADEMİ SANAT.